Welcome to Mshindi Bingwa Capital

We aspire to be Africa’s premier Hedge Fund Manager. Our funds will range from Multi-asset funds to focused funds on Energy & Commodities, Technology, Biotech and future focused initiatives for both retail and qualified investors.

Mshindi Bingwa Capital strives to be Africa’s premier Hedge Fund management group.

QuanTechMental Investment Process

We combine the best of all worlds. Our investment process encompasses Quantitative, Technical and Fundamental analysis with a strong emphasis on cycle analysis and behavioural finance

Multi-Asset & Multi-Strategy

To generate excess alpha, we believe managers need to look beyond the traditional asset classes of equities and bonds. By using various trading and investing techniques across direct commodities, currencies (forex), indices and crypto assets, managers can build low correlation portfolios to general equity indices and generate above-average returns.

Activist Investing

Contrary to popular belief that Hedge Funds “talk-down” companies to “short-sell” their stock, Hedge Funds can also be positive change agents by driving specific initiatives targeting operations, strategic transactions, capital allocation and structure, and governance.