Mshindi Bingwa Capital

Mshindi Bingwa Capital was founded upon Loyiso’s realisation that his natural instinct was more inclined towards Hedge Funds opposed  to “long-only” investments.

Further discovery of the lack of prominent Black Asset Managers in Hedge Funds prompted Loyiso to establish Mshindi Bingwa Capital as a specialised Hedge Fund group in order to build scale, promote efficiencies, develop a brand that is recognised for its core skill and to build a solid outperformance track record that will open doors for institutional capital inflows.

The investment universe is evolving and the younger generation of investors want exposure beyond the traditional asset classes of equities and bonds. Mshindi Bingwa Capital is well positioned to cater to this excess-alpha seeking generation by providing exposure to more exotic investments in forex, direct commodities and crypto assets by leveraging off the founder’s experience in trading Over-The-Counter (OTC) derivatives and exchange traded futures.


Mshindi Bingwa Capital strives to be Africa’s premier Hedge Fund management group through constant learning, research and development, innovation and promoting a culture of inclusion and participation.

Our Name

Mshindi Bingwa is the Swahili translation of Loyiso Mpeta

Loyiso (Xhosa) – Victor (English):  conqueror
Mpeta (Xhosa) – Champion (English):   a person who has surpassed all rivals in a sporting contest or other competition.

May we all live up to our names.

The Founder

Loyiso Mpeta completed his Bachelor of Technology (B-Tech) degree, Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Johannesburg in 2009.  From there he joined one of the world’s leading mining contractors as a junior engineer and obtained the Government Certificate of Competency (GCC Mines). What followed was a long adventure in the mining industry across various commodities such as gold, platinum, diamond, copper and manganese mining.

While looking at ways to gain more control of his personal finances, Loyiso came across a book that would change his life’s course forever, The Millionaire Portfolio: Your Guide To Making Money On The Stock Market. While still working in the mining industry, Loyiso started to learn the mechanics of the stock market by teaching himself to trade forex and stocks. Further influenced by movies such as The Pursuit of Happyness and The Wolf of Wall Street, the passion for the stock market took over and Loyiso started a painstaking process of career transition from engineer to stockbroker. This process, all through self-funding and self-education, began by completing six Registered Persons Exams and the gruelling South African Institute of Stockbrokers (SAIS) board exams.

The year 2017 would prove a pivotal one in this transition as Loyiso left the mining industry to attend full-time at Wits Business School and completed the Master of Management in Finance & Investments (MMFI) course work as well as the remainder of the SAIS board exams.

In December of 2017 Loyiso joined one of the big-four commercial bank’s Stockbroking & Portfolio Management division as a sell-side trader. It was during this period where Loyiso saw big opportunities in the retail market and hedge fund industry which were not being tapped into by big corporates. It became evident that the only way to realise his full potential was to take the jump, the leap of faith and start his own Hedge Fund company.

Our Team


Executive: Business Development
BCom (Finance, Risk Management & Economics)

Moxima is a keen technical analyst and has completed level 1 and 2 of the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and is currently completing her level 3 to be a registered CMT. Moxima has worked at various stockbroking houses including Barnard Jacobs & Mellet, Noah Financial Innovations and Standard Bank Corporate and Investment and has been a rated Technical Analyst. Moxima started her consultancy, The Money Hub, in 2013 and continues to service her broad range of clients.
Moxima has also written for the likes of Forbes Magazine and Finweek and has over five years of broadcasting experience having been a once regular feature on CNBC.


Founder, CEO, Hedge Fund Manager
BTech (Mechanical Engineering)

Loyiso completed his Bachelor of Technology degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as the Government Certificate of Competency (GCC) in mines and works. After a 10 year career as a certificated engineer, Loyiso underwent a change in career and completed the Registered Persons Exams (RPE), SAIS Stockbrokers exams, regulatory exams (RE5, RE1 & RE3), JSE Securities Trader and the course work for the Master of Management in Finance & Investments at Wits Business School. Loyiso worked for FNB Stockbroking & Portfolio Management as a Trader/Dealer before establishing Mshindi Bingwa Capital and joining Unum Capital as a representative under the tutelage of Mark Weetman.


Co-Hedge Fund Manager, Key Individual
BCom (Hons) Finance, CSb(SA)

Mark is an industry veteran with over 25 years in the financial industry. Having managed derivatives trading desks and being a private clients trader, Mark established himself as an entrepreneur in the stockbroking and asset management industry. Mark was part of the formation of Vunani Private Clients and was the Key Individual and CEO of Vunani Private Clients Stockbrokers. Mark has been involved in numerous mergers in his career, most notably the mergers of Buttonwood Proprietary Trading, where he was the Director, and Vunani Hedge Funds, where he was the Key Individual, with Vunani Private Clients. Mark was then subsequently the CEO and Key Individual of Vunani Private Clients and after a management buy-out, Unum Capital was formed with Mark as the founder, CEO and Key Individual.