The Holy Trinity



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The Investment Process

  • Screen a wide universe of stocks based on in-house criteria.

  • Identify shares within the investment universe.

  • Evaluate stock risk using absolute and relative measures such as correlation, variance, covariance and standard deviation.

  • Determine the stock’s alpha and beta relative to the market.

  • Visualise variability of returns and risk via frequency distributions.

  • Regression analysis.

  • Analyse share price trends and cycles.

  • Evaluate share liquidity.

  • Evaluation of business model, financial structure and management.

  • Analysis of historical trends in key metrics such as revenue, EBITDA, profit margins and cash flows.

  • Determine intrinsic value using traditional measures such as Discounted Cash Flows and Relative Valuation.

  • Build diversified portfolio with a focus on capital growth with a bias towards low volatility of revenues and healthy balance sheet.

  • Manage risk with attention to sector diversification and share weightings.

  • Review investment rationale periodically to capture changes in fundamentals.

  • Rebalance portfolio were necessary.