Unum Capital, through SANNE, the Management Company (MANCO), has applied for the registration of a Qualified Investor Hedge Fund with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

The fund’s suggested name is UNUM MEGALODON WORLDWIDE SNN QI HEDGE FUND with its naming convention as follows:

UNUM: the Investment Manager, Unum Capital (FSP 564)

Megalodon: to give the fund an aura using a pre-historic predator.

Worldwide: as per ASISA second tier of classification.

  • These are collective investment hedge fund portfolios that invest in both South African and foreign markets. There are no limits set for either domestic or foreign assets.

SNN: to reflect the registered name of the CIS management company (CIS manco) SANNE.

QIHF: as per ASISA first tier of classification – Qualified Investor Hedge Fund

The Unum Megalodon Worldwide SNN QI Hedge Fund will aim to generate above-average absolute returns irrespective of the performance of the market. The portfolio will strive to achieve the fund objective by combining prudent investment and speculative strategies across multiple asset classes.

The portfolio utilizes a mixture of investing and speculating to generate alpha based on a “QuanTechMental” investment process which combines Quantitative, Fundamental and Technical analysis together with Behavioural Finance.

The portfolio will be actively managed with exposure to various asset classes being varied to reflect changing economic and market conditions, to maximise returns for investors. The portfolio will seek to capitalize on all investment opportunities and will have maximum flexibility to invest in a diverse range of worldwide instruments including, but not limited to, equity, equity-related securities, money market instruments, fixed interest securities, property securities, REITs, currencies, bonds, debentures, options, warrants, debt instruments, preference shares, commodities, notes, exchange traded funds (ETFs), over the counter securities, forex, spot trades, swaps, forward rate agreements (FRAs), contract for difference (CFDs), futures and any other listed and unlisted financial instrument in line with conditions as determined by regulations from time to time.