Traditional approach to equities with a long-term buy and hold approach.

  • Maximise short-selling opportunities by shorting global stock market indices via futures and CFDs.
  • *We trade the direct index and not an ETF tracker
  • To get exposure to commodities, traditional fund managers either buy commodity stocks or ETFs that track a specific commodity. Trading the commodity directly, i.e. Gold (XAU/USD), via futures, is a very efficient way to get exposure to the price movements of the commodities without owning the physical commodity.
  • The Foreign Exchange (Forex) market is the largest and most liquid asset market.
  • The trading volumes and ability to transact in varying trade volume sizes via futures or CFDs makes this a prime market for short-term trading and alpha generation.
  • The most speculative market, the most volatile and the “asset class” with the best risk-adjusted returns of the last decade. We believe cryptos are here to stay and acknowledge that they are purely for speculation. We advocate that cryptos be recognised by regulatory authorities as an asset class.